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What is La Propia Agencia

La Propia is a design studio focused on the development of communication projects, social design, art, and pedagogy. We are interested in image production and visual communication applied to social struggles, community processes, and civil demands. We design publications and digital, print and web material, video, and interactive projects. We offer consulting and brand identity design, support the visual design of platforms and media, and collaborate with causes and struggles that we believe are vital.

We came together in 2020, during the Covid-19 global crisis, to create a solidarity network in which we could reach out to each other, support each other, share learning, and guarantee conditions for the livelihood of our members and for the flourishing of the processes in which we are involved.

La Propia Agencia somos:


Ana María Ramírez (Colombia)

Ana María Ramírez (Colombia) BA in history focused on pedagogical projects of collective creation in the arts. I have worked collectively in the development of artistic projects and communication, organization, and production strategies for cultural initiatives.  I am co-founder of La isla en Vela , a collective that develops, since 2015, projects around arts, communication and pedagogy. I am a graphic artist and illustrator with experience in graphic design and animation.


María Paola Herrera (Colombia - Guatemala)

María Paola Herrera (Colombia – Guatemala) Industrial designer with a master’s degree in social innovation from Icesi University in Cali, Colombia. My experience has focused on community co-creation processes as a tool for the development of participatory design projects with social organizations in Colombia, Mexico, and Guatemala. I am interested in exploring design as a discipline that allows the creation and circulation of new aesthetics that arise from those who decide to creatively tell their own stories.

Our network of collaborators

Linda Ruiz ~Designer

Cristina Ramírez ~  Architect, layout designer

Oscar Narváez ~ Systems engineer

Casa Fractal ~

La Isla en Vela ~

José  Cardona ~ Designer